Vaginal suturing

With the majority of mothers sustaining a tear or requiring an episiotomy (surgical incision in the perineum) during birth it is not unusual for a new mother to require stitches. Whilst the majority of mothers will go on to make a good recovery, there are a number of women who suffer from incorrect suturing- which means that sadly they continue to suffer pain and discomfort.

Stiches will usually causes discomfort for several weeks, over time the swelling and bruising will reduce, the stitches should resolve and things should start to return to normal.

If you feel that your recovery is not progressing you should seek medical advice as there are a number of complications that can arise from incorrect suturing:-

  • The stitches may not dissolve;
  • The stitches could have been sutured incorrectly causing long term discomfort;
  • The stitches may reduce or completely close the vaginal opening;
  • A tear might not have been diagnosed correctly and therefore not stitched adequately.

You may require a second procedure to correct the mistakes originally made, and you could be able to pursue a clinical negligence claim in respect of the substandard care.

Caesarean section

A caesarean section or a C-section is an operation to deliver your baby through an incision made in your abdomen and womb. The cut is usually made across the abdomen, just below the bikini line. In emergency situations the incision may be vertical. A C-section is a major operation that carries a number of risks, so it is usually only carried out if it’s the safest option for you and your baby.

Incorrect suturing can lead to excessive scarring or infections. C-section can also be associated with other errors such as:-

  • Surgical mistakes resulting in nerve damage;
  • Incisional hernias and adhesions.

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