Slips, Trips and Falls – Personal Injury Claims

Any public place you enter or even any private building or home should be safe from slippery surfaces and things you can trip over such as wires, raised paving stones or damaged carpet.

Common causes of slip, trip and fall accidents are defects on the ground such as broken paving slabs, uneven ground or something protruding from the pavement.

You may also be able to  make a claim if you are in a supermarket, a restaurant or a shop and you slip and fall on a wet surface or receive injuries from tripping over an obstruction.

Work Accident

Trips, Slips and falls are common types of work accident.

The Health and Safety at Work etc 1974 requires employers to ensure the safety of their workforce.

HSE reported the number of worktrip, Slip and Fall accidents in 2012/2013 at nearly 29,000 with the vast majority of these preventable.

Trip, Slip and Fall injuries cost the UK close to 1 billion pounds per year.

The most dangerous industries for fall injury are roofing, and, painting and decorating. The major concern for trip and slip injury is the health industry.

Interestingly, the most accident prone age group is 60 upwards.

If you have sustained a Trip, Slip or fall injury and you feel it was because of another’s negligence contact the personal injury team as soon as possible.

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As with any personal injury compensation claim, your solicitor must prove that another party was at least partly responsible for your slipping or tripping accident. If you can, you should take photos of the ground where you slipped or the object which caused you to trip. Your solicitor will need to prove that somebody was aware of the hazard and that no steps were taken to warn people to be careful or to correct the problem.

Below are details of cases where Ison Harrison have assisted clients who have suffered life changing injuries due to personal injury.