Personal Injury Claiming Process

1 minute, 39 seconds

The Personal Injury Claim Process In 5 Steps

Here we break down the Personal Injury claiming process in 5 easy steps:

  • Your solicitor will write to the insurer of the negligent party explaining why we hold them responsible for your injuries.
  • Your solicitor will obtain a copy of your medical records and arrange for you to be examined by a specialist. The specialist will provide a report detailing your injury in full.
  • Your solicitor will send the report to you for approval and value your claim. Your solicitor will then send the report to the insurer of the negligent party asking them to make an offer.
  • If the negligent party does not make a reasonable offer your solicitor will commence Court proceedings and guide you through the litigation process.
  • Your solicitor will send you a cheque when the payment arrives. Most claims take between 12 and 18 months to finalise. This of course depends upon the type and complexity of your case