Nothing is more important than your reputation. Even if your business has no website, no marketing and no assets, customers will still flock to you if you have a positive image. Although slander can seem harmless at first, it soon spreads, damaging your reputation and affecting how you are perceived amongst potential customers and business associates.

Untrue words reduce sales and affect profit margins. Our team are quick to act on slanderous words, stopping them from spreading before they affect your business.

If you have already faced the negative effects of slander, then we will chase for damages, reimbursing you for any monetary losses or defamation you have faced.

Our expert team will:

  • Fight false claims- We ensure that slanderous words spoken against you have serious consequences for the accuser
  • Take things as far as you need- Sometimes, a solicitor’s letter is enough to silence slander. However, if you wish to take things further, we will fight your case in court
  • Restore your reputation- We won’t just fight for monetary reimbursement; we can also seek public apologies from the accuser to help restore your reputation.


Cease Slander Today

The sooner you seek expert advice, the sooner you can cease slander and restore your image. Otherwise, the negative words spoken against you will spread, affecting sales and becoming harder to manage.

We’re here to fight your corner. Initially, this can be advice on what your options are, and what outcomes are likely if you pursue legal action. If you wish to take things further, then we can sue for damages, loss of sales, defamation, and much more.

All conversations with us are confidential, and we are always here to help.


Contact the Professional Negligence Team

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