Selling any kind of product comes with legal obligations, like complying with the Sales of Goods Act. Likewise, when transporting goods, there are regulations to adhere to, such as the Warsaw Convention.

Disagreements related to the sale or carriage of goods can be costly, time-consuming and can even impact your brand reputation if a customer disputes the quality of your products.

We understand the challenges such disputes can create for your business. Whether you find yourself in the middle of a disagreement, or have been sold damaged goods, we are here to help. Not only will we protect your business’s reputation, but we’ll also ensure you receive reimbursement for any money lost due to mis-sold or damaged goods.

Our expert team will:

  • Resolve disputes- We will resolve any disagreements quickly and cost-effectively, allowing your business to continue with its operations
  • Seek restorations- If you were mis-sold goods, or if the goods you purchased were lost/damaged in transport, we will seek restorations on your behalf
  • Defend your case- From negotiating with third parties to representing you in court, we’ll defend your case every step of the way


Your First Step Towards a Resolution

When a dispute arises, it is important to seek immediate legal advice. Resolving disagreements is much easier in the beginning, and it prevents costly issues from arising later down the line.

Our team has over 40 years of experience dealing with commercial disputes. We understand the situations that arise, and we know how to help. Let us resolve your case quickly and efficiently so that you can continue operating your business without any obstacles in your way.


Contact the Dispute Resolution Team.

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