Retention of title (ROT) is a contractual clause that allows a seller to retain ownership of goods until the buyer has paid for them. The ROT clause is commonly used in business transactions where goods are supplied on credit. The purpose of the ROT clause is to ensure that the seller has security over the goods until payment is received.

ROT disputes can quickly escalate and cause a strain on once-fruitful partnerships. It can cause both sides to lose income and can even damage a business’s reputation.

We work with both buyers and sellers on ROT clause disputes. Our team will review these clauses to check their validity and ensure that you receive any money you are entitled to, whether that’s income from a buyer who refuses to pay, or a refund from a seller who supplied defective goods. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to resolve your case and maintain your business’s reputation.

Our expert team will:

  • Review ROT clauses- We’ll review clauses and tell you whether or not you have a case to dispute
  • Save you time and money- We will help you to avoid costly legal mistakes and get a faster resolution for your case
  • Protect your business- We will protect you from the negative consequences of a ROT dispute, including financial loss and damage to your reputation


Reaching a Resolution for Your Business

Our team are here to resolve your issue in a quick and timely manner that allows your business to continue with its operations. We’ll ensure you receive every penny you are owed, and we’ll strive to maintain relationships while finding a solution to your dispute.


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