A natural part of business involves handling sensitive data and keeping trade secrets. Because of this, we need to trust our employees and stakeholders. Trust that they will keep confidential information to themselves and not disclose anything that should be confined within the walls of your organisation.

When personal or private data is released, this is a breach of confidence. When this happens in your organisation, you are in a position to seek legal action against whoever is responsible for letting private information slip and can claim for any damages caused as a result.

In a situation like this, our role is two-fold. Firstly, we manage risk, ensuring that the leaked information spreads no further, and anyone who has seen private information is aware of the legal repercussions of them passing it on. Secondly, we will pursue legal action against the third party who broke your confidence, and ensure that you are repaid for any damages, financial or otherwise.

Our expert team will:

  • Assess your case- Our first step is to assess your case and ensure that you have a strong legal grounding before we proceed with the litigation process
  • Review contracts and agreements- We’ll comb through contracts and agreements, like NDAs, to determine the extent of the breach and analyse what legal remedies can be pursued
  • Advise on preventive measures- We will advise on what preventive legal measures can be undertaken to keep sensitive data secure


Support in Difficult Times

Confidence breaches create extremely stressful environments for businesses and business owners. We understand that they can impact operations and put strains on partnerships. This is why we’re here to support you throughout the whole process and ensure that your business gets through to the other side.

Whether you have an ongoing case that you need assistance with, or you need preventive measures to stop information from being leaked, we’re here to help.


Contact the Dispute Resolution Team. 

Please contact Lindsay Dixon at lindsay.dixon@isonharrison.co.uk or Jonathan Robson at jonathan.robson@isonharrison.co.uk

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