Residential Property Dispute Advice

When you buy a property, careful consideration is taken to ensure that you acquire all of the rights which are necessary for you to use and enjoy it. You want to be certain that you have all appropriate access rights across driveways, footpaths and alleyways which may adjoin your land. You also want to be sure as to exactly what you are purchasing, so that you do not discover later that a strip of land on your boundary does not belong to you.

The reality of owning a property is much different. Your neighbour may intrude on, or claim ownership of, land that you are sure belongs to you. A fence may be erected across the footpath that you use to reach your front door or your garage. Alternatively, the footpathmay have become overgrown or have fallen into disrepair and your neighbour may be refusing to comply with their obligation to maintain it.

Once a dispute arises, it can quickly become personal and difficult to resolve. The very nature of property disputes means that you can cannot simply avoid the issue given you may see your neighbour on a daily basis. It is, therefore important to act quickly and instruct a solicitor who can advise on the best way to navigate the dispute.

Ison Harrison have years of experience of resolving these issues as they arise. We can advise you as to your precise position in law and protect your interests firmly and pragmatically. We are also skilled at negotiating resolutions from which all parties can move forward, with the reality of your situation in mind at all times.

If your dispute relates to business premises, we are also able to assist with providing clear, commercially-minded advice.

If a dispute has arisen in respect of your property boundaries or your access rights, our team would be pleased to have an initial consultation with you to see how we can assist.

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