Mr W started to experience colicky pain which didn’t settle with pain medication. The pain became so severe he was nauseous and sweating and his wife called an ambulance. He was taken to Bolton NHS Foundation Trust where they suspected he had kidney stones.

A CT Scan confirmed that he had a 7mm stone in his right kidney and a 3mm stone in the left. He was discharged with pain relief and told he would receive a follow up appointment.

Lost to Follow up

He continued to suffer with ongoing pain and despite numerous chasers he had not yet received a follow up appointment and six months had passed since his diagnosis. His GP referred him back to Urology for review.

A further scan revealed the stones had increased to 10mm and 4mm. Mr W passed the 4mm stone from his left kidney whilst waiting for the Urology appointment. The right stone remained, treatment options were discussed and he opted for ESWL (Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy) which is a non-invasive procedure that breaks down stones with the use of shock waves. A referral for treatment was made.

Eight months later Mr W underwent ESWL to shatter the stone and stenting to help him pass the debris. Given the length of time that had passed the stone had increased in size to 13mm.

Prior to undergoing ESWL Mr W suffered from ongoing pain and required repeat hospital attendances. He was admitted to hospital multiple times for pain and suffered with urosepsis.

Following the procedure he was diagnosed with a stent infection and was treated with antibiotics. A scan revealed a 7mm remnant of the stone and he was advised that a 6 month follow up appointment would be required. He continued to experience ongoing pain and required further ESWL treatment 13 months later.

Clinical Negligence Claim

Ison Harrison were instructed to investigate a Clinical Negligence claim. Expert evidence was obtained from a Consultant Urologist and a claim was put forward to the hospital. The Defendant admitted that there was a failure to discuss treatment options earlier which would have resulted in reduced periods of pain and suffering.

Steps were taken to investigate the value of the claim and the Defendant made an offer in the sum of £10,000 which was accepted by Mr W.

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