Our Regulatory team are delighted with another successful result, this time in relation to a case involving the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Amber Walker, a Solicitor within the department, recently drafted submissions which argued that a client ought not to be admitted to one of the DBS’ so-called ‘Barred Lists.’

There are two key lists: the Childrens’ Barred List and the Adults’ Barred List, both of which can prevent a person from working with youngsters or vulnerable adults. A person on either list who tries to engage in ‘regulated activity’ with either group is committing an offence.

When the DBS is thinking of including someone on one of the lists, they will send that person a ‘Minded to Bar’ letter. This enables that person to make representations to argue against them being included on the list.

Amber’s representations were detailed and comprehensive, dealing with the relevant law in depth and reflecting exactly why the client ought not to be placed on the relevant List.

The client was told, after consideration of the submissions, that they would not be placed on the list and can now begin to put the stress of the case behind them.

The case shows just how important it is to obtain expert legal advice if you are notified that the DBS are considering this type of action. Without this intervention, the client’s employment prospects could have been negatively affected and lost the career they had worked so hard to attain.

If you require any advice and assistance in relation to a DBS matter, please do not hesitate to contact Amber on 0113 284 5042 or at avw@ih.co.uk. All cases are handled with the utmost sensitivity and fixed fees are available.