Ison Harrison and 33 Bedford Row today secured a positive result in cash forfeiture proceedings at Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

Our client was a property landlord who was owed rent arrears by a tenant. Unbeknown to our client his tenant had been dealing drugs from the property in question and had a stash of cash hidden in a safe at his address.

Having obtained a possession order at the County Court our client entered the premises and having changed the locks realised that his flat had been converted into a drugs den, complete with class A drugs, digital scales, grip seal bags, cutting agents and cash. He reported the matter to the police who attended and seized all of the illicit materials.

Unsurprisingly the police sought to obtain forfeiture of the cash at the Magistrates Court. Our client argued that under section 301 of the Proceeds of Crime Act that he should receive his unpaid rent from the dirty money. The court agreed; handing our client a total of £8,725 from the seized cash with the remainder paid into court.

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