Business legal advice from Ison Harrison solicitors

If the letter before action does not have the desired effect and legal proceedings become necessary as we are a member of the County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC) you have the choice of whether to commence proceedings via the CCBC where the issue fees are less or the County Court Money Claims Centre (CCMCC).

Claims processed through the CCBC are sent electronically to the Court and are issued within 24 hours.

However if your claim has more than 2 debtors, is for an amount greater than £100,000 or the debtor is not resident in England and Wales then the proceedings must be issued via the CCMCC.

At Ison Harrison we are not a “one size fits all” team and every claim is tailored to suit the individual creditor’s need and facts of the case.

14 days after the Claim Form has been served on the debtor, if payment has not been made or an Acknowledgement of Service/Defence filed, then Judgment can be entered.

If an Acknowledgement of Service is filed indicating that the debtor intends to defend part or all of the Claim then the debtor has a further 14 days from the date of service of the Claim Form in which to file a Defence.

Once Judgment has been entered this will adversely affect the debtor’s ability to obtain credit, which the debtor is notified of in our initial letter before action and will be a matter of public record. The Judgment remains on the debtor’s credit file for 6 years unless it is satisfied within one month of it being entered.