We all dread it – the phone call – you know the one that changes your life forever.  Kathy Fox received one of those in the early hours of 9th May 2009.  A few hours later, she was rushing to the bedside of her 19 year old son, Chris, who had suffered a devastating brain injury in a car accident.  At the hospital, the Doctors were taking no bets on whether he would survive the trauma.

Kathy turned for help to her lifelong friend Sue Robson.  Being one step removed from the situation enabled Sue to see that, in addition to medical care, Chris needed a Lawyer.  Kathy had no idea who to approach.  As she says “You get bombarded with Adverts all the time, but which one do you choose when you don’t know any of them?” Sue came to the rescue.  She had dealt with Geraldine Kane of Ison Harrison Solicitors in Leeds and knew she was exactly the right choice.  Kathy rang and says “after one phone call Geraldine just took over and has fought our corner ever since.  It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, enabling me just to concentrate on Chris”.

Nearly 5 years later, as the Court approves the £7.5m settlement Ison Harrison achieved for Chris, Kathy looks back on her journey.  “It’s your worst nightmare” she says “but knowing that Chris’ future is financially secure and will be long after I’m gone, means so much”.

Thanks to the marvellous work of his medical, rehabilitation and legal teams, Chris hopes that next year he will move out of residential care into his own, specially adapted, home.

Kathy adds “Geraldine and the team at Ison Harrison did a marvellous job for us and I can never thank them enough.  We will definitely stay in touch.  How could we not, Geraldine’s a member of the family now!”

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