Of course it is nothing to do with us but Comet Ison is finally providing a celestial show.

The comet is a huge ball of ice and named Ison after the International Scientific Optical Network was discovered by two Russian scientists is making news from across the night skies.

The heavenly body will accelerate to an incredible 845,000 miles an hour as it passes close to the sun. Comet Ison will be visible to the naked eye around sunset and is around 4 miles in radius, about the distance between Leeds and Crossgates.

Know as a ‘sungrazer’ the comet due to its elliptical orbit taking it close to and around the sun it is expected to provide a wonderful lightshow but like many comets they are notoriously un-predictable.

Currently the best day for observing Comet Ison appears to be the 26th December.

Experts anticipate Comet Ison may never make a return visit unlike the famous Ha
lley’s Comet which comes around every 75 years and is next due in 2061.

For further information about Comet Ison visit: www.cometison2013.co.uk

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