The Law Society has begun a hard hitting poster campaign featuring traumatic incidents that can arise out of everyday events such as divorce cases, neighbour disputes and disagreements over wills and probate.

The poster relating to disputed inheritance shows an antique sideboard being threatened by a chainsaw; the divorce poster shows a car that has been damaged by an angry spouse. The pictures are designed to show how matters can get out of hand when emotions are running high.

The President of the Law Society, Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, said: “It is unusual for the Society to adopt such provocative imagery, but this is the best way to get across our message – when the crisis comes, don’t get angry, get advice from a solicitor.”

The campaign includes billboard advertisements at railway stations and on buses, together with fe
atures in newspapers.

The pictures used by the campaign may seem dramatic but they are not unrealistic. It’s not unusual for people to allow their emotions to get the better of them when dealing with traumatic events such as divorce or disputed inheritance.

Unfortunately, when people lose their temper or dig their heels in during negotiations it often leads to increased heartache and cost. It’s at these moments that you most need the calm and professional legal advice that solicitors can provide.

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