In May 2011 she used AVON’s ‘skin so soft’ hair removal cream adhering to the instructions, and within minutes of application she suffered a severe chemical burn to her skin.

The only warnings that were given were on a leaflet in very small print stated “to avoid a skin reaction, test before each use”.There were no warnings on either the packaging or product itself.

Interestingly there were no warnings that the use of the product may cause severe chemical burns. It seems at times, manufacturers may prioritise profits over the safety of their consumers, as such labelling may be deemed as a disincentive to purchase the product.

Whilst the case is on-going, AVON will say that they have had only 18 complaints of burning, stinging and redness from use of AVON’s ‘skin so soft’ hair removal cream between 2008 and 2011.

If you, or know anybody who has had such a reaction to this product, please could you get in touch with Simon Helliwell, Ison Harrison Solicitors on 0113 284 5048 or   

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