The fifth annual Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week is coming up from 7th – 13th February 2022, and it has never been more important to talk about sexual abuse and violence, to act on the campaign’s message that ‘it’s not OK’ and to ‘join the conversation’ and speak up about an ordeal you know about or are going through yourself.

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week is a great opportunity for survivors, campaigners, volunteers and organisations to come together to spread the message about a threat that is very much present in everyday society, and even in the past few days there has been high profile reporting about another alleged case of sexual violence perpetrated in a domestic UK setting.

The week of events aims to show solidarity with women in particular, but with any victim of sexual violence and abuse, by highlighting the issue on social media, with local events, reporting on local media and with communication within the local community. So often these incidents happen behind closed doors and without even the people nearest to the victims having any idea, so events to raise awareness and help to identify the tell-tale signs that abuse is taking place, have to give vulnerable people some hope.

How you could benefit from Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week

During the annual awareness week there are a number of seminars and events where people can share advice and promote messages whereby victims know how to proceed if they are being subjected to sexual abuse or violence, and what options they have to seek help and guidance.

In past years there have been a number of campaigns aimed at emboldening women to stand up to abuse and violence, to understand when actions cross the line and when and how to reach out for help. The 2021 campaign message to ‘join the conversation’ is being repeated for 2022, because enlightenment and communication is still the best way for a victim to find a way out of their ordeal.

Chiefly, there will be events and seminars during the 2022 awareness week centred around:

  • Challenging commonly-held myths about sexual abuse and violence
  • Why the choices men can make should not be excused, minimised or ignored
  • Why it is not OK for women to be shamed for speaking out against sexual abuse or violence they are being subjected to
  • Finding ways to resist, survive and fight to regain some normality in the face of sexual abuse or violence
  • Male entitlement and inequality
  • What is or isn’t consent

Our team of compassionate legal professionals

At Ison Harrison we will be highlighting the importance of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week with our own social media messaging, and our team of experts are available to talk to any victims of sexual abuse or violence in a private and confidential setting. We can put together a pathway out of your ordeal which involves safe domestic arrangements, childcare, emotional support and medical care where necessary, as well as progressing any claims towards prosecution.

Our solicitors can act very quickly in an emergency situation to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and legally protected from abuse.

If you have been the victim of Sexual Abuse you will be entitled to receive compensation from the government or the offender themselves, which can help with those additional expenses one can incur in the aftermath. At Ison Harrison, we can assist in guiding victims through the process of claiming compensation as well as support you with the emotional and physical impact.

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week is an important way to promote positive messaging and to raise awareness on the various ways victims can escape their traumatic and dangerous personal situations, and if you are or have been the victim of sexual abuse or violence then get in touch with our team at Ison Harrison today.

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