We’re pleased to announce that Ison Harrison solicitors have opened a new branch of solicitors in Pudsey on 16th January 2017.

The market town of Pudsey has a population of just over 22,000 people and as a thriving borough and a proud community, it is the perfect place for the latest branch of Ison Harrison’s growing presence in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Pudsey has become a desirable residential area in recent years, but has always had a reputation as a town full of life and with an independent, local feel. Indeed, it stood as an independent borough until 1974 when it was incorporated into the Leeds metropolitan borough, but Pudsey has a historical and industrial background while today offering a bustling town centre with plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants. Standing equi-distant between the city centres of both Leeds and Bradford, it is the perfect spot for Ison Harrison’s latest venture.

Ison Harrison’s Pudsey branch will be located on Lidget Hill, just a stones’ throw from the sizeable Town Hall right in the heart of the community, where Ison Harrison always likes to be. We have a policy of wanting to get in and amongst the people, to understand their issues and their environment so that we can speak to them professionally and with sympathy and knowledge of their everyday life and the scenarios they face. This is why we take great pride in serving local communities and being seen in a prominent and approachable position.

The borough of Pudsey includes nearby Calverley, Farsley and Stanningley, so the new branch will have a significant catchment area. Heading up our Pudsey branch is Daniel Holah, a 27-year-old law graduate of Leeds University. Daniel lives in Pudsey so brings good connections to the people and the area, but he is a natural fit also because of his experience in our residential conveyancing department, and as a result of the respect he has earned from both colleagues and a long list of satisfied clients. Daniel is committed to helping people, and that is the fundamental basis of Ison Harrison’s service; we take a client-focussed approach to everything, and understanding your individual story and your needs is paramount to how we advise you and what steps we take next. Daniel is perfect for this and his extra-curricular sporting and piano interests show he is an energetic and creative person and he can’t wait to take the lead in this next challenge for Ison Harrison.

Joining Daniel at the new Pudsey branch is Nigel Monaghan, an experienced family law expert.

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