Simon Helliwell, Chartered Legal Executive in our personal injury department recently obtained compensation in excess of £3 million pounds for a client that suffered a traumatic brain injury in a road traffic accident.

Simon accepted the case when it was close to the Limitation date, which is the latest date legal proceedings can be commenced, after other firms had rejected the case as it was too risky or complex.

Fortunately for the Claimant Simon saw something in the case that others didn’t.

He comments:

“The case was risky from day one but after obtaining a copy of the Police Report I could see that the Claimant had an arguable case. I can see why other law firms had decided not to touch the case as it was incredibly time intensive and complex. Other firms decided not to take the risk. I did !

I am pleased for both my client and I that my instincts paid off. It was the last throw of the dice for the Claimant. Whilst others had been put off by the complex nature of the case, I really wanted to work to get the compensation that my client deserved. There’s no better feeling than to essentially pull a rabbit from a hat and turn a losing case into a winning case and be able to advise a client that instead of getting no compensation in their case at all he/she will be getting a substantial and life changing sum that will essentially set them up for life.”

The settlement comes on top of another settlement Simon achieved for a brain injured client some 5 days earlier in the region of £ ½ Million pounds.

“In that case my client was a young passenger who following the accident was unable to resume his studies and as a consequence had a knock on effect on what he was likely to earn in income in the future. At the time of settlement he had recently married and became a father so the settlement gave him the security he required for his and his family’s future”.

Injuries to the brain can result in catastrophic consequences. Even a moderate brain injury can have significant impact on a victim’s way of life. If someone else is to blame for your injury, it may be possible to make a claim for damages. Our ethos is to make sure we cover every angle in order to maximise your claim to give you future security. The team at Ison Harrison also work closely with case managers and insurers to ensure that your rehabilitation and current and future care needs are at the core of our thinking.

Simon frequently takes over a number of cases from clients who have been dis-satisfied with their solicitors or from firms who have left the personal injury market (an increasing trend). If you have a brain injury claim large or small that you would like to discuss or an existing claim that you are pursuing with another solicitor, please contact Simon Helliwell on 0113 2845048 or

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