There will also be a faster trademarks service which will provide a full examination report in five days instead of the current 10 days.

The changes, which will be introduced by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), were announced in a speech by the Business Secretary Vince Cable. He said there would also be a range of measures to improve services to businesses and strengthen enforcement.

As part of the process, the IPO will run a campaign to educate smaller businesses about how to get the best value from their creativity and innovation. The campaign will include action to help consumers understand the importance of respect for intellectual property and the harm caused by counterfeiting.

It’s understood there will be a fee for the 90-day patent application service but no figure has yet been set.

Dr Cable said: “Our creativity, our openness to and talent for innovation, is a key pillar of our return to robust growth. So it is right we work to create the environment in which creative, innovative businesses of all shapes and sizes flourish.

“A vital part of getting this is making sure that the intellectual property landscape encourages and cements success and growth. The new vision for how we support businesses and consumers is central to achieving this.”

The changes are expected to come into force later this year.

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