Findings highlight the poor standard of care thousands of patients are forced to endure. The report looked at over 1000 practices, around 12% of UK surgeries, and found failings at 300 of these.

In the most serious cases vaccines where found out of date, patients brought their own seats for extensive waiting room times along with maggots being  found in consulting rooms.

Professor Steve Field, the CQC’s chief inspector of GPs, said: “We found some surgeries where there were out of date vaccines in the fridge. If you think you’re immune and you’re not, you could then pick up the illness.

‘If a woman got pregnant and thought she was rubella immune and they picked up German measles… they could have a rubella baby – who are deaf-blind.”

Clearly this is a major concern for patients. The remaining GP practices (7000) are due to be reported over the next two years, the hope is that the worst cases have been found and the situation starts to improve.

All this is on the back of a recent survey by the Medical Protection Society, a defender in medical negligence cases, which found that 58% have been subject to complaint, claim or GMC investigation over the last 12 months.

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