We’re all a bit partial to some sweet treats, and what better excuse for us to indulge than to create our very own “Great British Bake Off” at the Ison Harrison Leeds office.

Officially named “The Great Ison Bake Off” we raised money for the Leeds Community Foundation and encouraged our legal team to show off their baking skills. A total of £112.45 was raised for our local community and we got to savour some delicious cakes and bakes.

We may not have the next Mary Berry in our offices, but we did have some fantastic entries and it’s only fair we give credit to those that took part.

The Runners Up

The following entries were enough to “tingle his judicial tastebuds” and therefore felt they deserved some special mentions as runners up.

  • Lemon Drizzle Cake – described as a “masterpiece”, this was a delightfully moist cake that went down a treat.
  • Raspberry Sponge Cake – a fine effort by one member of our team.
  • Chocolate Brownie – always a favourite, this was a bold brownie and impressed on all levels.
  • Flower Cupcakes – judging by the intricate flower petals, clearly we have an artisan baker in our midst! A very impressive entry.
  • Chocolate Cake – a hearty classic of calorific proportions, this was a real treat.

The Winners

With 1st and 2nd place up for grabs, there were 2 ladies
that blew the competition away!

2nd Place

  • Carrot Cake – named “Keep Calm and Carrot On”, this was Pascale Adam’s attempt to impress and it was a delicious, light sponge cake complete with mini carrots on the top of the sweet frosting. A true delight and one that particularly impressed our judge.

1st Place

  • Sweet and Salty Dark Chocolate Cake – this was a fantastic treat that left us wanting more! Featuring smouldering dark chocolate with a hint of salted caramel this was described as “a cake to rival the compositions of Mozart and the wonder of the great river Nile”. It well and truly hit the spot and Olivia Stackhouse stormed into 1st place
    with her creation.

There’s one final accolade to announce and that’s the popular People’s Choice Award which goes to Geraldine Levison and her daughter Grace for their delicious chocolate chip flower cupcakes.

Well done to both winners and the gracious runners up!

Take a look at our Great Ison Bake Off pictures on Facebook.

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