Following the month-long #CycleSeptember campaign to raise money for Leeds based support group, Little Hiccups, we are delighted to report that we have now tallied up the miles cycled! For every 1 mile cycled by staff, £1 is to be donated to Little Hiccups.

Here are our staff cycling totals!

  • Anne Marie O’Hagan cycled 285 miles
  • Geoff Lorkins cycled 258 miles
  • Richard Coulthard cycled over 212 miles
  • Anne Robertson cycled 127 plus 25 miles
  • Sarah Hills cycled 40 miles
  • Megan Beattie cycled 40 miles
  • Jonathan Wearing cycled 30 miles
  • Melita Roberts cycled 25 miles
  • Nicola Roughton cycled 20 miles
  • Annie Lofthouse cycled 8.5 miles

That’s a total of £1,070.05 being donated to Little Hiccups! 

Our Barnsley branch manager, Anne Robertson, kick-started the campaign with her Liverpool-Leeds cycle challenge at the end of August which saw her complete 127 miles with other supporters of Little Hiccups.

We are delighted to support Little Hiccups with our #CycleSeptember donation.

If you would like to find out more about supporting the charity, please visit

Take a look at some of our photos from the campaign…

Dunford Bridge Melita Roberts Jonathan Wearing and Jacob Richard Coulthard #CycleSeptember Leaderboard

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