The woman worked for a company that sold sweets to the Sainsbury’s supermarket chain. It had been part of her job to visit the warehouse to check the delivery of the sweets. The warehouse was poorly lit and a spade had been left on the floor in the walkway.

As the woman walked past she tripped on the spade and fell forwards on to her knees. The cartilage in both her knees was damaged in the fall and she sustained numerous soft tissue injuries in her hip and back. She also had a pre-existing knee injury that was made worse.

She had to visit hospital and her GP. She also received osteopathic treatment, physiotherapy and acupuncture. She was unable to work for four months after the accident and when she returned she was only able to undertake light duties at first. She also needed
help from her family to complete domestic tasks.

She brought an action against Sainsbury’s saying that it had been negligent in permitting a spade to be left as an obstruction in the walkway, failing to provide safe access to every area where she needed to work and failing to warn her of the presence of the spade.

Sainsbury’s admitted liability and an out-of court-settlement of £11,500 was agreed to cover the woman’s pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

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