We help you deal with difficult family law issues

Breakdowns in family relations are all too common, and despite the best intentions of all parties,  sometimes the situation is irretrievable. As a provider of legal assistance for family law in  Huddersfield, in such circumstances we try to establish the key outcomes that the parties involved  want and we strive to achieve those with as little emotional strain as possible.

Of course family law also covers positive, robust and flourishing scenarios, and we can take care of  legal situations regarding all sorts of relationships, as simply a fall-back position should breakdowns  or disagreements occur in the future.

Services We Provide

We are Huddersfield family law solicitors based in the heart of the community near the train station, and we pride ourselves on being approachable and accessible. We can advise you on matters such as:

  • Divorce
  • Separation and annulment of a marriage (involving the allocation of money, property and children)
  • Cohabitation advice
  • Civil partnerships
  • Pre and post-nuptial agreements
  • Domestic violence

Every family has unique circumstances, so we adopt an open and honest approach in all cases, and  will listen to your story and work out the best way forward. We will always prioritise the key people  and assets in a relationship and we make sure these are identified at the outset of discussions.

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Why Choose Ison Harrison?

  • 19 branches throughout Yorkshire
  • The most accredited law firm in Yorkshire (Law society accreditations as of Jan 2019)

We recognise that family law solicitors in Huddersfield need to show client care and communicate  well, and as one of the most trusted and respected solicitors in Yorkshire, we have built our  reputation on listening with sympathy and applying an empathetic approach to our advice and  solutions. With family breakdowns, the welfare of children is often paramount, and we make sure  that is the case.

It is our belief that emotions and the trauma of breakdowns or potential breakdowns can cloud  people’s thinking, so we try to take a step backwards and apply common sense and practical  solutions, where maybe the people involved can’t see them. At all times we are looking to find the  best outcome for our clients, and often that is an agreement out of court, which is always a less  traumatic solution.