On 3rd August 2022, the BBC reported that hundreds of people with potential cancer symptoms had not been contacted for a second appointment by Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

It has been reported that approximately 1,800 people were not contacted for a second consultation if they did not attend the first appointment between May 2021 and May 2022. This goes against national guidance, which states a second consultation should happen automatically.

Investigations are now taking place to understand what happened and the trust itself has reported the issue as a “serious incident”.

Getting an early diagnosis of cancer is important. Left untreated, early-stage cancer can continue to grow and eventually spread to other areas of the body.

If you have not been offered a second appointment by Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and you have since been diagnosed with cancer, please call Ison Harrison solicitors today for a FREE no-obligation chat on 0113 284 5000 or email clinneg@isonharrison.co.uk

A statement from Dr Jim Gardner, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Executive Medical Director, read:

“We take all safety incidents seriously and we are extremely sorry for the concern this may cause our patients and their families.

“We have reported this as a serious incident with the Care Quality Commission and NHS England and Improvement and will be working closely with them to ensure oversight of our investigations.”

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Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Case Study

delayed cancer diagnosis case studyWe successfully brought a Clinical Negligence claim on behalf of Mr EK: Widower and Executor of the Estate of the deceased Mrs AB, against Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

At the age of 40, Mrs AB was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  She underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy almost immediately.  The treatment was painful and required her to be immobile for up to 16 hours at any one time.  Mrs AB’s treatment took its toll on her physically and mentally.

In November Mrs AB and Mr EK were advised that her cancer was incurable.  Their wedding day had been planned for Valentine’s Day, but this was brought forwards in light of her terminal prognosis.  Following the wedding, Mrs AB became very ill requiring admission to hospital and surgery.

Following a period of palliative care at Barnsley Hospice, Mrs AB died in March 2014 aged 41.

Mrs AB died of cervical cancer following a delayed diagnosis. Evidence from an oncologist concluded that the delay in diagnosing and treatment of Mrs AB’s abnormal smear results had caused her death, as she could have been treated and cured but for those delays.

The claim settled for £400,000.

Read the full case study.

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