Ami is a Solicitor within our Clinical Negligence department.

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  • Clinical Negligence

Ami is a Solicitor within our Clinical Negligence department.

She has been an invaluable member of the team since 2015.

Ami has a varied case load including matters concerning; pressure sores, delay in diagnosis of cancer, vaginal tears during delivery, cauda equina syndrome, surgical and orthopaedic errors, extravasation injuries and the effects of compartment syndrome.

She is passionate and dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for her clients. She is always willing to go the extra mile.

Ami was a stem cell donor for her older brother in 2015 who suffered with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.  Consequently, she recognises the impact these types of injuries can have on clients and their immediate families. Ami recently gave a presentation at the Kind Hearts Give Back ball about being a stem cell donor and promoting how simple the procedure is.

In addition, Ami has carried out presentations to university students training in midwifery, advising on how clinical negligence claims work and can be avoided.

Outside of work Ami enjoys spinning and will endure an occasional half marathon.

Contact Ami for free initial advice if you have concerns about medical treatment that either you or someone close to you has had.

  • Delayed Diagnosis - settlement in the sum of £20,000.00

    We recently acted on behalf of Miss D whose diagnosis and treatment of a tendon injury to her right ring finger was delayed due to an error by clinicians in an Accident and Emergency department.

    Miss D sustained a deep laceration to the base of her right ring finger. We obtained expert evidence from a Consultant in Emergency Medicine who confirmed that there had been a failure to carry out an assessment of the tendon to an acceptable standard and to diagnose the flexor digitorum superficialis ‘FDS’ tendon injury to her finger.

    We also obtained expert evidence from Hand Surgeon who confirmed that as a result of the failure to diagnose the initial injury Miss D developed a swan neck deformity to her finger which caused her functional and cosmetic problems.

    Liability was admitted and a negotiated settlement of £20,000 was reached.

  • Delayed Diagnosis - settlement in the sum of £4,000.00

    We acted on behalf of Miss J who experienced unnecessary pain and suffering as a result of delayed diagnosis and removal of a retained placenta following delivery of her third child.

    Two months after the delivery Miss J experienced severe abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding and attended her local Accident and Emergency department. Blood samples were taken and Miss J was discharged home without a follow up appointment. Miss J experienced an increase in her symptoms and returned to hospital, an external examination was performed and she was again discharged without a follow up.

    Miss J remained concerned and visited her GP who suspected a retained placenta and referred her for an ultrasound scan. The scan confirmed the presence of the retained placenta and Miss J required a surgical evacuation.

    The Trust admitted a failure to investigate the cause of Miss J’s bleeding and that there was a delay in the management of her condition.

    A negotiated settlement in the sum of £4,000 was reached to take account of the fact that Miss J had endured an entirely avoidable, though modest period of 41 days pain and suffering.

  • Other clinical negligence team successes include:

    • Cerebral Palsy: A Child -v- University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust– £7.45 million;
    • A Child -v- The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust - £6.7 million.
    • Erb’s Palsy settlements: £215,000, £225,000, £375,000.
    • Delay in diagnosis of cancer: £75,000.
    • Complications following bariatric surgery: £50,000.
    • Delay in diagnosis of hip injury: £360,000.
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