Ami Law is a solicitor in our Clinical Negligence department. She recently gave an insightful presentation to the midwifery students at the University of Central Lancashire.

Ami was invited to give the presentation to complement their Law Module, which had prompted students to have concerns and anxiety about the prospects of being negligent.

The purpose of the presentation was to put the students at ease and to broaden their understanding of what a legal claim entails. She covered topics including; the reasons a patient brings a claim, the legal tests to establish a claim and the appropriate steps to be taken.  She also covered elements of the NICE guidelines and briefly touched on how a claim is valued.

During the presentation, Ami discussed several anonymous case studies.  These demonstrated the types circumstances in which successful claims are brought, along with tips on ‘How Not To Get Sued’!

Zoe McGlynn, Student Midwife at the University of Central Lancashire provided the following feedback:

“Ami’s presentation was a pleasure to watch. The information provided was at an appropriate level for the audience and was put forward in a professional manner. She is clearly passionate about her field of work, something that came across within her presenting skills. Her knowledge surrounding her presentation was exceptional and no question was deemed too much. She made the audience feel at ease when presenting an emotive topic. I hope she continues to talk to health professionals within similar circumstances, enabling well-rounded care provisions for practitioners and patients alike.”

Please contact Ami Law if you would like to arrange a presentation for your college or university.

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