Mr C attended Leeds General Infirmary on 5 August 2016 for a CT scan with contrast to determine the cause of haematuria (presence of blood in urine). As part of the procedure, a peripheral cannula needed to be inserted for the intravenous injection of dye and saline.

Two nurses attended to him, but only one attempted the cannulation. The nurse made 3-4 attempts to cannulate in the left elbow pit, but was unable to do so, bruising the arm. Attempts were then made to cannulate in the left elbow pit, and was inserted on the second attempt.

The cannula was flushed and Mr C felt some pressure in his left shoulder. He presumed that this was normal. The cannula was then removed and resited. It was flushed again and he continued to experience pressure. On transfer to radiology, the cannula was flushed twice more as they were unsure about whether the cannula had been sited correctly.

Following the administration of dye and saline, Mr C experienced pain in his left arm and shoulder and an inward curling of his fingers. His arm swelled at the site of the cannula. The scan was stopped, and he was recannulated in the right elbow pit. The remainder of the scan proceeded without incident.

Following the scan, Mr C lost sensation and movement in his left arm due to extravasation injury. He was transferred to the Plastic Surgery department where following a slight delay he underwent an operation to irrigate the site. The operation was successful in restoring the Claimant’s sensation and movement, but he was left with extensive scarring on the left arm. He continues to experience pain in his arm and takes regular pain relief.

Mr C instructed Ison Harrison Solicitors to pursue a claim on his behalf, records were obtained and a nursing expert was asked to provide a report commenting on breach of duty in respect of the nursing care provided and an expert plastic surgeon was asked to provide a report on condition and prognosis and treatment options available to reduce the appearance of the scaring.

On the basis of the medical evidence, a letter of claim was drafted and sent to the Defendant.

The Defendant responded to the letter of claim by making limited admissions as to breach of duty.

Following negotiations the case was successfully concluded in the sum of £9,500.00.

Mr C made the following comment in respect of the work carried out by Ami Law. ‘Ami has been phenomenal all the way through my case, not only has she been professional but she also maintained a good down to earth friendship with her calls and emails.’

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