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Date Published: Friday November 24th 2023

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Richard Coulthard
Director & Head of Corporate
Ison Harrison Solicitors

Podcast Notes

Richard Coulthard and Sarah Poskitt discuss some of the different property investment strategies and include discussions around the pitfalls of the property industry.

Some key themes discussed are:

  • Why did you want to get into property
  • The cause of your drive/ambition
  • How you got started
  • LOMOT – what does it mean, where did it come from
  • How you found the transition moving from employment to being a developer on a full-time basis
  • Your transition from buy to let properties through to HMOs and commercial units
  • Your process for finding and designing a development
  • Challenges you have faced/overcame
  • Your thirst for learning
  • Mistakes you made
  • Your tips for new investors/developers