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Date Published: Thursday March 3rd 2022

In This Podcast...

Jonathan Wearing
Managing Director
Ison Harrison Solicitors

Richard Coulthard
Director & Head of Corporate
Ison Harrison Solicitors

Podcast Notes

The most widely known example of an Employee Ownership is the John Lewis Partership – but what are the benefits and is this something you should consider for your business?

In January 2022 Ison Harrison proudly announced that we have followed in John Lewis’ footsteps and become an EOT. In this episode, Managing Director, Jonathan Wearing and fellow Director, Richard Coulthard discuss the process of becoming an Employee Ownership Trust and offer insight into the advantages and potential challenges a business may face when undergoing the process.

Some areas covered in this episode include:

  • What made Ison Harrison want to become an Employee Ownership Trust?
  • What is the process and how easy is it to become an EOT?
  • How does this compare to other employee share schemes?
  • What are the benefits to the employees of being an EOT?
  • How did Ison Harrison engage with their employees about the EOT?
  • Does being an EOT help you advise other businesses looking to become an EOT?