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Date Published: Wednesday March 2nd 2022

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Ami Law
Ison Harrison Solicitors

Podcast Notes

It’s well documented about the importance of an early diagnosis of serious conditions such as cancer, but what happens if this is delayed due to negligence?

It may be that the delay in diagnosing your condition is detrimental to the prospects of successful treatment or that more invasive treatment is now required. In this Podcast, Ami Law, Solicitor at Ison Harrison Solicitors provides insight into the details and process of a prospective compensation claim.

This Legally Speaking episode gives some insight into the following:

  • What is a Cancer Claim and how long do you have to make one?
  • What effects can a delayed/ misdiagnosis have?
  • My loved one has now died from cancer which I think was diagnosed late. How long do I have in which to pursue a claim?
  • What damages can you recover?
  • I have received care from my local Hospice. Can their costs be recovered as part of the claim so that I can give back to them?
  • I have been told that my cancer is incurable so what can I claim for to look after my family after I am gone?
  • Do I need to be named in the Will to be able to bring a claim for my loved one?
  • My treatment was delayed due to Covid, can I make a claim?