Let us provide peace of mind for your wills and probate needs

As a provider of services for wills and probate in Huddersfield we aim to advise you on how best to  safeguard your future. Ison Harrison has vast experience in dealing with wills and we currently hold over 40,000 active wills in our offices.

Making a will is very straightforward and very necessary. Whatever age you are, you should plan  ahead to look after your estate in the event that something happens to you, and as Huddersfield  wills and probate solicitors we are here to guide you through this process.

If you have no will in place, you are leaving your family and loved ones open to more potential  heartache in the event of your death. They will face possible shortfalls in income, they could maybe  lose their home and other family members could potentially become the legal guardians of your  children, against your wishes.

Wills and Probate Services in Huddersfield

First of all it is important we listen to your individual circumstances and respect your specific wishes.  But in the making of your will we will allow you to choose your own executor, the legal guardian for  your children, division of your estate, property and assets, your funeral arrangements, any organ  donations and guide you through inheritance tax requirements.

In the event of your death, we will take care of the legal requirements for the granting of probate.  This grant is a legal document that confirms your nominated executor has the authority to divide  your estate as per your wishes.

Why Choose Ison Harrison?

  • 20 branches throughout Yorkshire
  • The most accredited law firm in Yorkshire (Law society accreditations as of Jan 2019)

As one of the most trusted and respected solicitors in Huddersfield, we provide communication and  support to ensure that making a will is an easy process, with no jargon and involving clear advice.

We adopt a sympathetic approach, listening to individual circumstances, explaining the process and  possible consequences of certain actions and guiding you through often complex tax issues to find  the right solution for you.

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