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Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic there were many ideas floating around in my head regarding how we could improve as a department e.g. Could we go paperless?  Are we getting the best out of our new case management system? Could the team change their hours to accommodate those who are unable to make enquiries during the working day.

Suddenly, I find myself sat in my mancave working remotely, paperless, communicating with clients by e-mail.  Well that was fairly easy and were saving a fortune in printing!

The P.I team has adapted to life working at home seamlessly.  Whilst working from home remotely, we also continue to communicate by telephone and mail and are still receiving our post at head office due to the dedication of our business support team.  We are working flexible hours allowing us to take new enquiries at all hours.

We have adapted to change and continue to provide a friendly yet professional legal service.  The current lockdown will not stop us from progressing your claim, we can arrange remote video link meetings and medical assessments and find ways to progress your claim to avoid delay.

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to bring a personal injury claim call Gareth on 0113 284 5014.

Gareth Naylor
Gareth is a Partner of the firm and Head of the Personal Injury department.