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We may be living through challenging and unusual times, but Ison Harrison is still here for you.

Every day, our legal experts are helping clients with everything from conveyancing to corporate advice, and we would like to share with you some stories of how our solicitors are continuing to provide full support whilst working from home.

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Olivia Williams

Wills & Probate

Before lockdown my day would start at 6am sharp. I would get up, get ready and out of the house ready to get on the train by 7:20am. I would see the same faces on the platform nearly every day, all of us ready for our daily commute. Now my commute consists of a short walk across the landing to the spare bedroom…

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Olivia Williams

Ian Anderson

Regulatory Law

The life of a defence lawyer is always interesting. We usually work all hours, every day, and we go out of the office a lot. We enjoy the cut and thrust of the Crown Court and the tactical decisions in interviews under caution. Whenever the police station is open or the trading standards officers want…

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Ian Anderson

Tim Burt

Family Law

As the Women’s Aid charity states,”Covid-19 does not cause domestic abuse, only abusers are responsible for their actions”. Unfortunately though, the virus and lockdown is likely to put vulnerable people at an increased risk of harm. It may also feel more difficult to leave an abusive relationship…

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Tim Burt

Richard Coulthard

Company & Commercial

Let’s rewind a few months to December 2019. In December each year, the Partners at Ison Harrison submit their plans for the following year, myself included. Well it’s say to say that not one business plan included anything about Covid-19…

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Richard Coulthard

Jake Mitchell

Family Law

“You’ll be really busy when all this is done, everyone will be getting a divorce” is what I am being told on a daily basis – the truth is, we’re buzzing around like bees Monday to Friday (and sometimes more!) despite the Covid-19 craziness…

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Jake Mitchell

Gareth Naylor

Personal Injury

“Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic there were many ideas floating around in my head regarding how we could improve as a department e.g. Could we go paperless?  Are we getting the best out of our new case management system? Could the team change their hours to accommodate those who are unable to make enquiries during the working day…”

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Sarah Laughey

Family Law

“Along with many of my colleagues at Ison Harrison, I began my work from home in March this year and several weeks on I remain working from home. It seems like this new way of working is here to stay for the foreseeable future, at least in some form or another. I really wasn’t sure how home working would suit me…”

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