We have recently been contacted by a couple of people who have stated that they have been contacted by individuals on Facebook claiming that they work for Ison Harrison Solicitors and are trying to encourage people to take out loans so they can overwrite them, along with direct debit refunds.

We would like to advise anyone that is contacted by these individuals on Facebook that it is a scam, and we strongly encourage you to report these people.

Ison Harrison Solicitors would never directly contact a member of the public on Facebook and we take privacy very seriously. We would never request money via Facebook or state that we can help with loans, direct debit refunds or tax rebates.

Cyber fraud is a very serious crime and there are growing media reports of fraudulent emails and activity where fraudsters attempt to divert bank payments to false destination bank accounts.

In this case, the individuals running the scam are claiming to work for Ison Harrison Solicitors and are linking to us from their profile pages. These individuals that contact you do NOT work for Ison Harrison or are affiliated with our firm in any way.

For more information on how to prevent fraud and the procedures we take to combat this, please click here: https://www.isonharrison.co.uk/about/instructing-us-formalities/

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