Criminal Injuries Rule Abolished. Previously unsuccessful Claimants can now apply for claims previously rejected under “same roof rule”

The Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) is a scheme which compensates victims of crime. For example, victims of terrorism; attacks in the street; sexual abuse.

The scheme prevented persons living under the same roof such which prevented victims of domestic abuse from claiming just because they lived with their attacker.

From today (13 June 2019) the longstanding ‘same-roof’ rule has been abolished and victims previously denied awards have 2 years in which to reapply for compensation.

Mr Helliwell in our personal injury department says “This reform is long overdue. In this day and age it is abhorrent that victims of crime, in particular domestic abuse were prevented from claiming just because they lived with their attacker.

There is an ongoing review of the scheme which hopefully will focus on sexual abuse/grooming cases in which children aged under 18 were denied awards because remarkably the CICA held that the children consented to the abuse” This has been heavily criticized by several charities and change may be on the horizon.

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