Ison Harrison have a long-standing relationship with the Erb’s Palsy Group (EPG) and are proud to support the Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week which runs from 17th to 23rd October.

What is Erb’s Palsy?

Erb’s Palsy is also known as brachial plexus paralysis, and it is a traumatic birth injury that can leave a baby’s arm severely paralysed. The brachial plexus is most often injured when it is subjected to a pulling force, and it is generally associated with larger babies that get stuck during the birthing process, (Shoulder Dystocia).  If excessive force or force applied in the wrong direction, is used before the baby is dislodged, the brachial plexus may suffer nerve damage ranging from bruising to tearing. Brachial plexus nerves are crucial to the strength, movement and feeling in the arms. There are 5 primary nerves that run from the spinal column in the neck, across the shoulders and down the arms to the fingers. If any one or all five of these nerves are damaged, the Erb’s Palsy can range from partial to complete paralysis, also known as a flail arm.

Swift diagnosis and treatment is important. Children who suffer from Erb’s Palsy usually have to undergo hours of physiotherapy daily and those with a severe injury can need several operations to restore some function to their arm. The injury for some children will have been so severe that they will live with some impairment for the rest of their lives.

Who are the EPG and who do they support families and individuals?

The EPG is the only UK-based organisation offering advice, information and support to families affected by Erb’s Palsy. They provide support and advice to their members by telephone, email, in their private Facebook group and via messenger. Where possible they offer face to face support and arrange annual events which provide their members with the opportunity to meet in person. They have a variety of information booklets and children books available on their website. In addition to this they run annual conferences for professionals such as Midwives, Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists to educate and provide guidance on best practice procedures.

For further information or to contact them directly please visit their website

Why is the Awareness Week Important?

The EPG do a wonderful job of promoting the group and raising awareness of the condition, however they still have new members joining that haven’t found them until they reached adulthood. The awareness week is an important part of trying to ensure that people reach support at the appropriate time.

For some the awareness week is an opportunity to raise funds for the group and they arrange coffee mornings or sponsored events. Without the donations and continued support of its members the EPG would be unable to provide the services that they do.

How can you support the Erb’s Palsy Group?

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to support the EPG:

  1. Take some time to understand the condition and how it impacts the lives of those who have been affected;
  2. Share the information with your network of family, friends and colleagues;
  3. Visit their website to make a donation

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