The Health and Safety Executive’s statutory National Enforcement Code for local authorities will instead shift the emphasis to a more targeted approach. Councils will now be required to concentrate on higher risk activities in specified sectors, or where there is reason to suspect that workplaces are putting employees or the public at risk.

Ministers say it will remove tens of thousands of businesses from health and safety inspections which are not justified on a risk basis. Shops and offices are among the most likely to benefit.

Checks will continue on poor performers and at sites where there are higher risk activities.

If low risk businesses believe they are being targeted unreasonably they will be able to complain to an independent panel which will investigate and issue a publ
ic judgment.

Minister for Employment Mark Hoban said: “There are too many examples of local councils imposing unnecessary burdens by inspecting low risk businesses. This new code should put a stop to this by putting common sense back into the system.”

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