Barry Bennell has been jailed for 30 years for sexually abusing young boys he preyed on whilst working as a football coach. In passing his sentence Judge Clement Goldstone QC described him as “the devil incarnate”. It was said that this serial abuser of children stole the childhood and innocence of his victims to satisfy his own perversion.

Bennell was convicted of 50 child sexual offences against children as young as eight but this was likely to be the tip of the iceberg as many were specimen counts to reflect abuses committed on an “industrial scale” between 1979 and 1991.

During the sentencing hearing Police officer Gary Cliffe asked Bennell the pertinent question “Why?” Bennell could not answer.

More and more cases are coming to light; indeed hardly a day goes by without there being a new report of serial abuse upon children; the media seems awash with cases of men abusing their positions by abusing others, be it children or women, but most cases of abuse aren’t even reported.

It was not enough to say Bennel stole the childhood of his victims, he also stole their lives. Many of his victims, like the majority of those abused, never get over the horror they endured as children, something most of us, thankfully, will never think about. Many victims try to forget all about it and try to live their lives the best they can, but always with that niggling issue in the back of their minds, that issue which makes it hard for them to forge close or loving relationships, that issue that makes them trust no-one fully, that issue that makes them wary of the world, that issue which makes them feel not in control of their lives. And there are those who end up alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless, penniless, in prison, or with mental disorders.

Our clients who have suffered abuse have all such issues, and whilst we attempt to support them through the process of claiming compensation, make every effort to settle cases as early as possible without the need for a court hearing and in some cases can arrange for treatment and/or support whilst their cases are continuing, these cases can take a year or more to conclude.

However, there are a number of charities out there that are equipped to offer support to those survivors of childhood abuse who need help, support, guidance or just someone to talk to about their life after abuse. We have found that a good starting point is a charity such as The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC). Their details can be found at or telephone them on 0808 801 0331. This is free from landlines and mobiles, and the number won’t show up on a phone bill.

Our team at Ison Harrison Solicitors deal with all such cases for compensation after abuse carefully and sensitively. All cases are dealt with on a completely No Win No Fee basis so there is nothing to pay if the case does not succeed. Our aim is not only to get you appropriate compensation but also to ensure you are looked after during the process.

If want any advice on how to claim compensation please telephone us on 0113 284 5000 for a free confidential consultation.

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