We are delighted to launch the Yorkshire Law Firm Challenge this month, which will be our charity-focused fitness campaign for 2021.

The purpose of the challenge is to get staff active whilst at the same time raising money for 5 charities we have a close relationship with; Barnsley Hospice, Prince of Wales Hospice, Little Hiccups, Erb’s Palsy Group and INQUEST.

In addition to the fitness drive we are also proud to be partnering with Welcome to Yorkshire on their ‘Walkshire’ initiative which started last month.


How will it work?

The aim of the challenge will be to do as many virtual laps around the perimeter of Yorkshire as we can between now and the end of the year. This can be completed in various ways – walking, running, cycling – whatever we can!

We will be using an online fitness platform to track progress against the challenge.  This will then sync to the MapMyWalk apps, Strava and Garmin so every mile is automatically logged and we can see achievements from branches and individuals.

Charity fundraising

In addition to staff getting active, we are doing the challenge to raise money for the five charities and will therefore be setting fundraising targets once key milestones are completed.

For example, Ison Harrison will contribute £50 into the fundraising pot once we have signed up 50 staff, £100 when we have 100 people signed up, plus individual milestones will generate extra firm donations such as ‘most muddy walk’ and ‘most scenic cycle route’.

By the end of the year, we endeavour to have raised at least £3,000 to share between the 5 charities.

Welcome to Yorkshire’s Walkshire Campaign

As part of the Walkshire campaign, each month Ison Harrison will sponsor a walk. These have been put together specifically for us and each one will be located close to one or several of our branches.

We are kicking off the Walkshire campaign in the Pontefract area. We have chosen Pontefract as our first walk because this is the home of one of our charities – The Prince of Wales Hospice. We will be working closely with the Hospice to help them raise additional funding as part of The Yorkshire Law Firm Challenge. We are also proud to announce that the hospice is running their own campaign called ‘Hospice Heroes’ and Ison Harrison is the first Hospice Hero to be chosen!

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels for updates on our charity campaign progress!

Find out more about The Yorkshire Law Firm Challenge.

the yorkshire law firm challenge - ison harrison

If you would like to make a donation to the Prince of Wales Hospice here is a link to our donation page on their website.

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