Why Ison Harrison?

With 16 offices, from our Leeds City Centre office, from Ilkley to Pontefract, from York to Barnsley, from Garforth to Huddersfield we have bases all across Yorkshire

As will writers we are key workers. We are therefore able to be here for you during these difficult times. We have twelve fully trained solicitors with many years’ experience of making wills, either from our offices or remotely. We hold over 50,000 wills for our clients and our Head of Private Client Services, Dominic Mackenzie, has personally made over 20,000 wills for people over a career of more than twenty years.

Irrespective of the current crisis most of us already knew that we should make a will. We put it off. Will it cost too much? We are too busy working to take time off. We are not going to die for the time being so we will do it nearer the time.

Making a will should normally be very straightforward, painless and should not break the bank. Dominic says “for most couples standard mirror wills should suffice. Beware of anyone selling you something you don’t fully understand and charging you a fortune for the privilege. If the will writer doesn’t make you understand what you are doing then he is not doing his job”.

From the comfort of your own home

In normal times people are often too busy to take time off work and go to see a solicitor. Therefore we have developed our offering so that making your will in the comfort of your own home is an identical service to that you would have received had you attended one of our offices. If you are following government advice to self-isolate, we can take your instructions by phone or video call. Everything else can be done by post.

Comprehensive Service

Whilst most people will only need relatively simple wills our job as trained specialists is to leave no stone unturned. We will discuss all aspects of your wills including who will act as executors and who will inherit your estate. We will consider inheritance tax, potential claims against the estate and, where requested, we can discuss cost effective ways of protecting your assets in the event of divorce or for mitigating care home fees.  You can also appoint a guardian for your children.

Asset Protection

Sadly it appears inevitable that we face years of austerity. Therefore it is highly unlikely that the government will be able to do much to change the social care system. People will continue to face the horror of losing their family home to pay for care home fees. You will understandably be left wondering why you should pay your care home fees when your neighbour who has never done a days work doesn’t. Possible solutions in this area can be simple and should cost around £500.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Our advice is to do your Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) at the same time you do your wills. LPAs appoint people of your choice to make decisions for you if you become physically or mentally incapable. Dominic says “People do not realise the problems their loved ones may face should they have a stroke or develop dementia. It is generally easier to deal with things for someone who has passed away than it is to deal with an incapacitated parent for whom you have no authority”. If you have able bodied, able minded adult children who you like and trust there is no question that you should appoint them to be your attorneys. These are hard times. Therefore we recommend that people do Property & Financial affairs LPAs ahead of doing Health & Welfare LPAs. Dominic adds “If I became incapacitated I would want my loved ones to be able to quickly and easily make financial decisions for me.  Without that authority we would be in a real mess. I would also be wary of solicitors charging the earth for LPAs, some fees I hear banded about for setting up LPAs are simply daylight robbery”.

Our recommended packages

Will Packages

Simple Single Will £150

Simple Mirror Wills £200

Asset Protection Wills and Severance of Tenancy £500 (for married couples and people who own their property jointly)

Will & Property & Finance LPA Packages (including Registration at the Office of the Public Guardian)

 Single Will & LPA  £375

Mirror Wills and LPAs £550

Asset Protection Wills, Severance of Tenancy and LPAs £750

All the above prices are subject to Vat and in the case of LPAs, court fees of £82 per LPA.

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