Accidents At Work

8 minutes, 34 seconds

Accidents At Work FAQs with Graham Roberts at Ison Harrison Solicitors

Watch our personal injury expert answer the following frequently asked questions about accidents at work:

  • If I make a claim, can my employer sack me?
  • A work colleague is to blame for my accident, will they have to pay my compensation?
  • Do you need documentation to prove financial losses?
  • Can I sue if I signed a disclaimer stating I was aware of all the risks?
  • The company I worked for no longer exists. Can I still make a claim?
  • I’m retired and haven’t worked for years. Can I still claim?
  • Won’t claiming harm my relationship with my employer?
  • I don’t want to harm my employer financially, where does compensation come from?
  • Does the damage need to be permanent for me to claim?
  • What happens if more than one person or business caused my injury?
  • Can I sue even if I am partially to blame for my accident?
  • I’m insured against personal injury, can I sue as well as claiming on the insurance?
  • I work in an office, could I have developed an industrial disease?
  • Do I have to accept NHS treatment or can I claim the costs of private medical care?