Probate & Estate Administration

8 minutes, 56 seconds

Probate & Estate Administration FAQs with Dominic Mackenzie from Ison Harrison

In our latest video, Partner and Head of Wills and Probate, Dominic Mackenzie, advises on probate matters and estate administration.

In this video he answers the following questions:

  • Should I use a solicitor to obtain a grant of probate?
  • Can i deal with an estate without a grant of probate?
  • How are grant of probate and letters of administration processed?
  • I’m an executor using a probate solicitor, how do I keep fees down?
  • How are the deceased’s assets protected until sold or distributed?
  • What is the process of valuing an estate?
  • When does inheritance tax need to be paid?
  • What happens with the debts owed by the deceased?
  • How do I know all assets and liabilities are ascertained?
  • I am an executor but don’t want to act as one, what can I do?
  • What’s the process when dealing with tax of a deceased person’s affairs?
  • Is it an issue if the will names several executors?
  • The estate doesn’t have enough cash to deal with debts, is this an issue?
  • If I deal with probate myself, what risks of personal liability do I face?

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