Simon Helliwell in our personal injury department recently settled a case involving a 96 year old Claimant who suffered serious burns to her lower leg after a storage heater that had very recently been fitted fell away from the wall due to shoddy workmanship.

The storage heater weighed 165Kg and trapped my client’s leg for over about 20 minutes after which she was fortunately able to escape and summon help.

Simon commented

The extent of the burns and weight of the storage heater took me by surprise when I first visited my client. The inside of the storage heater contained bricks and I was not even aware they manufactured these anymore. Fortunately, my client is a very stoic individual, sharp as a tack and had the support of an obviously close family. She recently received an award from the local Mayor for her services to volunteering. It was an absolute pleasure to represent my client. She was a perfect client.

Mr Helliwell also gives credit to the insurance company who rather than fight every point appreciated that the Claimant was aged 97 at the time of settlement and rather than prolong the litigation offered a very reasonable compromise.

Finally, Simon was grateful for the kind feedback from his client:

Mr Helliwell put me at ease and talked me through the procedure. I am more than grateful for all his hard work; patience and understanding.

To contact Simon Helliwell, call 0113 284 5048 or alternatively email

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