Family mediation is a voluntary process and the mediator is completely impartial.  The role of the mediator is to help the couple to reach an agreement without the need for court proceedings.  The mediator will not make any judgements about the situation or make decisions, they are there to explore the options and help the couple to reach an agreement that they are both comfortable with.
What type of issues can be dealt with at family mediation?

  • The family finances – How assets such as the family home, other properties, savings, investments and pensions are going to be divided.  This can be done for both married and unmarried couples.
  • The arrangements for children – Where children are going to live, how often they are going to see each parent or other relatives and which school the children are going to attend.
  • Parenting – How decisions are going to be made in respect of the children.
  • Divorce proceedings – Agreeing the contents of a divorce petition.
  • Child maintenance

These tend to be the main issues that are dealt with at family mediation but if the couple want to discuss other issues then this is possible.

What are the benefits of family mediation?

  • It’s cheaper – The cost of mediation is usually split between the couple (unless they agree otherwise).  This makes it much more cost effective.
  • It’s quicker – As the couple and the mediator are all in one room, progress tends to be made much quicker than, for example, when negotiations are taking place by solicitors letters.
  • The couple have the opportunity to reach an agreement without the need for court proceedings – This is always better as court proceedings can be lengthy, expensive and there is a risk that the court will impose a decision upon the couple that one or both of them is not happy about.
  • If the couple are able to reach an agreement there is more chance that they will be able to have a civil relationship afterwards.  This is particularly important if there are children involved.

Family mediation isn’t right for every case.  The couple both have to be willing to compromise and be committed to reaching an agreement.  For those couples that are willing to do so, family mediation is definitely worth considering.  It shouldn’t be confused with marriage guidance, it is all about reaching an agreement that is okay for everyone, without the need for court proceedings.

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