We see increasing numbers of people applying for divorces online – but please be aware that they’re not without their faults.

For those who petitioned online, they face at least a six month wait before they can say they are no longer married – and that’s before the family money is divided.

Many of these petitions are filed due to the “Unreasonable Behaviour” of the Respondent. Many people who file their own petition will cite inappropriate, or lacklustre, behaviours. Just because they don’t pick up their socks doesn’t mean a judge will agree to dissolve your marriage. If your petition is rejected you will have to start again, adding significant time delay and costs.

What about the costs? Unless you are financially eligible, the court fee of £550.00 applies whether you use a solicitor or not, whether you apply online or not – something those £9.99 adverts don’t tell you! Many couples are paying the fee when they are eligible for a discount.

Will you be claiming your costs back from your ex? Is it their fault the marriage broke down? Many divorcing couples fail to adequately claim their costs back due to incorrectly filled out forms and inappropriately cited behaviour. They end up out of pocket.

How about the finances? Will you be sharing her pension? Will he be keeping the house? Who will pay maintenance to whom? Is your wife keeping the car? Is your husband going to sell the caravan? The online system won’t tell you what you’re entitled to, but we will.

Investing in specialist advice regarding your divorce means you will have the best guidance on hand helping you through the process, and looking out for your best interests during a time when you may be particularly stressed and vulnerable.

Solicitors help you through the transitioning period from one to two homes, and from parents to co-parents. With Ison Harrison, any queries you may have will be answered in full with complete confidence and confidentiality.

Considering all of the above, it is imperative you seek specialist legal advice, to clarify all aspects of your divorce that online applications may miss out.

For a free, no obligation chat about the above, please contact our family law team on 0113 284 5000 or mail@isonharrison.co.uk  You may be surprised to find that in many situations your legal fees can be less than the court fee and you may even be eligible for Legal Aid!

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