November is now upon us and that means the annual Will Aid has launched; an opportunity for you to partner with Ison Harrison to make a will and support a national charity with a vital and much appreciated donation.

Will Aid is a scheme where people are encouraged to make a will with participating solicitors, who will then waive their fee in return for you making a donation to one of nine registered charities. The Will Aid scheme has been running since 1988 and has raised over £16million for deserving charities, with currently over 275,000 people having a will created, agreed and retained through the scheme.

Preparing a will is one of the most important tasks you will ever undertake. It will:

  • Allow you to enjoy the rest of your life safe in the knowledge that your express wishes will be dealt with upon your death and that your assets and possessions will be distributed as you want them to be.
  • A will avoids any deep-rooted family arguments over your assets and possessions.
  • You will make the grieving process much easier for your loved ones by making a will, and avoid them having to make difficult decisions at the worst time.
  • If your family have to divide your estate upon your death because you haven’t prepared a will, it could cost them a lot of money in legal fees, so a will avoids all that.
  • Your partner may lose possession of children or other assets if you are not married and haven’t made a will, as family members may have more legal right to them.

The charities that benefit from Will Aid are all established charities, such as NSPCC, Age UK, Save the Children, British Red Cross, Christian Aid and Sightsavers. It is possible that everyone knows somebody affected by these, and you may even be yourself, so any donation made through Will Aid will be gratefully received and will be extremely important to the charity.

Ison Harrison is one of the participating solicitors involved in Will Aid, and we have a team of experts in all aspects of wills and probate. We can listen to your individual circumstances and help you prepare a will that reflects your estate and your wishes for how it is distributed.

Thousands of people are using Will Aid every year and you can be next. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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