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There are two starkly contrasting approaches to working life: the first is where a job is simply a way to earn a living: no emotional involvement is invested in what they do or who they work with. The second approach is when a career means everything: they are able to progress quickly, earn more and feel fulfilled. 

The majority of people find themselves falling somewhere in between: they want opportunities to progress and the opportunity to earn more. but they also respect the values of their employer. They expect loyalty from their employer and feel that cover is provided during their holidays. Overall they need to feel that their employer treats them with respect.

You take your job seriously and so do we. Ison Harrison offers a friendly and positive environment to work in where everyone is treated with respect. Our employees are expected to work very hard but we also make sure they are rewarded for it. 

For any enquiries relating to job vacancies or work experience placements, please contact Anne-Marie O'Hagan on 0113 284 5139 or email hr@ih.co.uk

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