What Are The Ison Harrison Values?

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Our Values

  • We are proud to be a 100% Employee Owned Law Firm.
  • We aspire to fully engage everyone at the firm for the benefit of employees and clients alike.
  • We are committed to delivering a standard of service that is second to none. We give 100% because we care.
  • We are committed to delivering a breadth of service that is second to none. We aim to help whatever your need.
  • We give 100% for our clients. We all work hard and recognise the part that we each play in getting results.
  • We give 100% for our colleagues. We roll our sleeves up, get stuck in and are always willing to help out others when needed.
  • We each have personal responsibility for ensuring that we carry out our roles in an efficient, friendly and timely manner.
  • We all take responsibility for our clients and ensure that we deliver the best experience possible each and every time.
  • We maintain the highest standards of regulatory compliance and professionalism.
  • We are commercially responsible. We all share in the responsibility of advising and representing clients in a commercial manner as well as for maintaining the financial security of the firm.
  • We are a responsible employer. We provide training, supervision and career progression.
  • As a 100% Employee Owned Business the long term sustainability of the firm is secure.
  • We support our clients by walking alongside them and try to understand their perspective and needs
  • We build strong relationships through empathy and trust​​.
  • We collaborate and share our knowledge with colleagues.
  • We ​support each other’s career development so as to ensure that we all reach our full potential.
  • We are always tolerant, forgiving and fair.
  • We celebrate individual and team success.
  • We constantly look for opportunities to help the firm develop and grow.
  • We believe that change is the only constant and that the firm’s sustainability is reliant upon our ability to adapt.
  • We are quick to respond to challenges and threats.
  • We expect everyone to strive to improve and to accommodate change in the way in which they work.
  • When we change direction we do so with smiles on our faces.
  • We are always changing and always improving.
  • We are open and transparent at every level.
  • We communicate clearly, openly and with clarity.
  • We are quick to share financial information and plans with everyone at the firm. If you’d like to know more – just ask!
  • Everyone has a voice and can be heard.
  • Our offices are open, welcoming and accessible.
  • We are here when you need us. We are here where you need us.
  • As an Employee Owned Business we all own and share in our successes.
  • Join In. Influence Benefit. If you have an idea share it, progress it and bring it to life
  • We each understand our responsibility to create a profitable, ethical and sustainable future for colleagues, clients and communities alike.
  • We take pride in empowering colleagues to make quick decisions for the benefit of the firm.
  • We aim to be ‘best of breed’ and constantly look for ways to ensure that we continue to build our reputation both regionally and nationally.
  • We are always changing and always improving
  • We are a people business.  We love people.
  • Whilst we operate out of many offices across the region we are one firm and work together as one large community.
  • We believe in the power of teamwork. Our teams collaborate across all of our offices to build our firm community.
  • We look out for each other and recognise the positive contributions that everyone brings to the firm as a whole.
  • We are passionate about the local communities in which our offices are based and where our colleagues live.
  • We support and encourage local charities and good causes.
  • We are The Yorkshire Law Firm. Straight talking, down to earth, proud, friendly and sensible with money.
  • We are real, straightforward and genuine people.
  • We are a firm for everyone.  Everyone is recognised as an individual. Everyone is encouraged to be themselves.
  • We are fair. We treat our colleagues and clients with respect and courtesy.
  • We take our work seriously but not ourselves.
  • We have fun!

How We Decided The Ison Harrison Values

Watch our video below to see our collaborative approach to defining our 8 key values:

Ison Harrison Values Award

One of the things to come out strongly from the work we did to define our values was that these values should define our behaviours and the way we work both with customers and colleagues. We therefore launched the Ison Harrison Values Award to recognise members of staff that consistently deliver against our values time and time again.

Each week we announce another winner of the award. In the spirit of being an EOB, nominations for the Values Award come from our staff and we ask the previous winner to nominate who they would like to receive the next Ison Harrison Values Award.

Here are the amazing winners of our IH Values Award…